What can I do with PeopleGo?

With PeopleGo, you can be assured with all the contents and services you need during your stay in Singapore. There are 4 key features of PeopleGo.

1. News and Happenings

Be updated with the latest news and happenings in Singapore. Subscribe to your favourite news sources and have the contents delivered directly on your phone!

2. Watch and Learn

Want to find out more about Singapore culture? How about learning about Safety at Work and build up your own portfolio and resumes? With Watch and Learn, you can have the ease of attending seminars and courses simply on your mobile device! After the completion of any of the courses, records will be kept within your profile and can be used as your resumes for your career.

3. Social Media Platform

Find fellow friends from your home country in Singapore! Connect with them on the PeopleGo Social Media Platform and start an instant messaging conversation with them for FREE*! The social chat also features distress signaling, emergency alerting or workplace safety reporting to the Ministry of Manpower. It can also connect you to your country embassy or consular office. It can also connect you to the Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC).

4. All-Rounded e-Services

With PeopleGo’s integrated eWallet System, you can now seamlessly remit money back home without even stepping out from your house! PeopleGo’s remittance service rates are also one of Singapore’s lowest*. You can now send money back home with a peace of mind.

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How does PeopleGo work?

PeopleGo is a technology enabled platform. You simply need a smartphone and internet connection to get started.

What do I need to get started?

PeopleGo works with all Android and Apple iOS based smartphones. Simply start by downloading the application from Android Play Store or Apple App Store, sign up an account with your Work Permit and FIN, and you will be ready to explore a whole new world of people, community and contents.

Why did you build PeopleGo?

Here at GenyTek, we fully believe that we can make a difference in the society by bringing people together. By partnering with the Ministry of Manpower, we hope to build the bridge to connect and to communicate. By creating PeopleGo, we aim to create a more cohesive migrant worker community in Singapore. We know that we can use technology to bring people together for a better Singapore.

Knowing that PeopleGo is partnering Ministry of Manpower, what benefits do I get?

PeopleGo has opened a direct feedback channel within the application for you to report any relevant matters to the Ministry of Manpower. With such a channel, we want to assure you that your interests in Singapore are well safeguarded. Communication channels are also open to your country's embassy or consular office.